Sold Horses 
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Prince Jack, a Blackjack x Princess of the Pines, gelding. Very flashy, excellent riding or driving prospect and very social. Prince Jack likes to be groomed and is partial to the girls! 

Perfect Silver Storm solid silver dapple colt
White Warrior  smoky blue roan colt (DNA verified)
EW Collin of Brackenhill, a driving and dressage champion. Collin has wonderful balanced movement and the best mane, tail, and feather. Collin was imported from James Taylor by Emerald Winds Farm. 
Black Ty - B&W Latcho Drom grandson
Midnight Rhythm and Bluesblack and white tobiano with one black gene,one red, one tobiano, and one solid. Rhythm is out of EW Dyson, the Steel Town Boy and Parker (Lenny daughter). This colt is rock solid and athletic, a driving and dressage prospect. Beautiful head and small ears. Born April 8, 2016
PPF A Little Black Magicbarn name Beauty - filly born September 2016 out of DJ Sasha White, sired by EW Dyson the Steel Town Boy. Color DNA EE tt aa. 
PPF Ella Jobarn name "Jolene" - filly born October 2016 out of DJ Brittany, sired by EW Dyson the Steel Town Boy. Color DNA EE Tt aa

Willow - The WindWalker x DJ Parker

Lenny and Sid's Good Stallion lines - filly born Oct 15, 2017 and sold in utero - big girl with a beautiful head and large bone. Athletic and will mature into a stallion quality mare. This filly is sweet, thoughtful, and loves attention. She will also make a great broodmare as she has taken her weaned brother under her wing. 

Willow already has the body of a mature mare. 

We have repeated this breeding for a spring 2019 foal. 
Theodore Bjorn Ringoson - The WindWalker x DJ Sasha White

Colt born April 25, 2018, will be on the taller side, massive bone (the only foal we have had to pull) and just the sweetest colt.

'Teddy' will be heavily feathered - feather photo taken at 5 days old. 

Midnight Ryder - The Windwalker x DJ Parker Colt born May 10, 2019 - Lenny and Sid's Good Stallion bloodlines. Beautifully marked with small head and the sweetest nicker, Doodle was leaving his dam's side to explore and join the other horses when he was only days old so he's a secure kind of guy, 

Doodle will be on the taller side and has lovely movement. 

Ruby Sky Phantom of Parker Place Farm, barn name Ace, is a son of the stallion Desert Jewel SD Blackjack (imported from SD Farms, UK) and Ruby Sky Willow. Ace is a handsome, well-mannered gelding with puppy dog personality, excellent physical condition, great combination of brains and athleticism, sweet head, little ears, correct confirmation. 
Dream Weaver, 'McDreamy" is a Windwalker x April colt. Born 05/16/2020. 

'McDreamy' is a Tumbleweed grandson and a Sid's Good Stallion great grandson and has correct conformation, a short sweet head, and flashy coloring. He's very much aware that he's good looking. 

'McDreamy' is a good stallion and show prospect and should finish up around 14.1 -14.2in height. Smart and great movement on this youngster. 

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