White Warriorborn April 28, 2014
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White Warrior...a smoky blue roan colt with one blue eye and a crème gene carrier, can produce a number of colors when paired with the right mare. His tri-color mother DJ Sasha White (barn name White Bear), is the sweetest mare, letting us handle Warrior from birth. She is massive, built like a stallion with feather starting at the knees, and has mane and tail to match. 

Warrior's sire, Cedar Creek Cloud 9, is a cremello stallion, double dilute with the roan gene. Cloud 9 is very intelligent and kind, loves to play, and is known to let himself out of his stall - and then other horses as well.

At birth, Warrior had the body of a colt several days older so we expect him to be a great example of a Gypsy stallion as he matures. He followed us around the pasture soon after birth. 

Warrior has a refined head with a symmetrical blaze and expressive eyes.  
Warrior looks into the camera...

Color DNA - nT / Ee / aa / nCr / RnN 
(Roan DNA testing by UC Davis) 

Warrior has followed us around the pasture since birth...
Cedar Creek Gypsy Stallion Cloud 9, is Warrior's sire. See more photos of Cloud 9 at the website below: 

Clononeen Romeo, White Warrior's grand sire
DJ Sasha White, Warrior's dam
Warrior shows his summer blue...