Our Mares

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​Our breeding stock consists of foundation stallions and mares with heavy bone, full thick manes, and feather. We believe in breeding for temperament and conformation, looking for the small sweet head, beautiful neck and shoulder, short back, and rounded rump.We love all colors of Gypsy horses and with the horses we have, we can create traditional colors as well as silver dapple and palomino. 
April, Tumbleweed daughter and Sid's Good Stallion grand daughter, tri-colored mare, imported from England in utero, is well trained under saddle and a favorite of children. She is our diva, very feminine, and an excellent mother. 

April has perfect conformation for a traditional sized mare and is a top producing mare. 

April is the dam to Parker Place Farm Black Ty, Champion Stallion and Supreme Halter Champion at the Summer 2017 FHC and also Gracie owned by Amanda Connerton. 

DJ Sasha White, barn name "White Bear", a tri-color mare, has the build of a stallion, very heavy bodied, and has the sweetest temperament. Bear loves to run and is first at the fence to greet you. 

White Bear is a foundation mare for us, originally from Wales and is the dam to Sunny owned by Haley Burkhart. 
DJ Brittany, barn name "Pearl", tri-colored mare, is people oriented, known to follow her humans around the pasture and to give hugs.

 A top notch foundation mare from Ireland, Pearl is a favorite of all. 

Brittany is the dam to Zenon owned by Carolyn Schofield and also the young stallion Emblazon (Grand Champion Stallion 4 Years and Older, Fall FHC 2016)
DJ Parker, our big black mare out of Lenny's Horse, and our farm's namesake.

Parker is very intelligent, a wonderful mother, and has that beautiful Lenny Horse head. She has one black gene and one red. 

Parker is the dam to Starfire's The Five Card Stud "Dice", PPF Rhythm and Blues among others.