2020 Foals
The Windwalker x FFF April (spring)
The Windwalker x DJ Brittany (fall)

2020 Planned Breedings for 2021
Simba x FFF April (fall)
The Windwalker x DJ Parker (spring)
Simba x Dee of Ironbridge (spring)
Simba x Sweet Emotion (fall)

Dream Weaver, 'McDreamy" is a Windwalker x April colt. Born 05/16/2020. 

'McDreamy' is a Tumbleweed grandson and a Sid's Good Stallion great grandson and has correct conformation, a short sweet head, and flashy coloring. He's very much aware that he's good looking. 

'McDreamy' is a good stallion and show prospect and should finish up around 14.1 -14.2in height. Smart and great movement on this youngster.